Sound Devices Releases Firmware v7.00 for the MixPre Original and MixPre II Series!

22nd Jun 2020

Sound Devices announces Firmware v7.00 for the MixPre Original and MixPre II Series! Version 7.00 adds the capability to run one instance of NoiseAssist on the MixPre II Series.NoiseAssist The …

Sound Devices Releases Firmware v5.00 for 8-Series Mixer/Recorders

19th May 2020

Introducing NoiseAssist, an optional paid plugin for up to two instances of adaptive ambient noise suppression. NoiseAssist is an advanced signal processing algorithm that reduces background noises …

Sound Devices Releases Firmware v4.00 for 8-Series Mixer/Recorders

30th Apr 2020

8-Series v4.00New!CL-16 Linear Fader Controller support on 888 and Scorpio. Output naming allows you to assign custom names in the LR, X1-X10 Outputs menu. Custom names appear on output meters wher …

Sound Devices Releases Firmware v3.22 for 8-Series Mixer/Recorders

8th Apr 2020

Today Sound Devices announced firmware version 3.22 for their 8-Series Mixer/Recorders. This firmware update adds stability and bugfixes to your 8-series recorders. The new firmware is available immed …

Sound Device Announces New Audio Ltd A10 Firmware Update

2nd Apr 2020

Sound Devices announced today a firmware update, v2.90, for the Audio Ltd A10 Digital Wireless System and its companions: the Mic2Wav and A10-TX Remote applications.Firmware 2.90 features key improvem …