Scorpio ​Firmware v1.21 Now Available!

12th Aug 2019

Scorpio Firmware v1.21 Now Available!

Sound Devices just announced the Scorpio's latest firmware update which you can download now: Scorpio Firmware v1.21

Update Includes a suite of fixes:

  • SL-6 seamlessly switches over to the secondary SL-6 power source when the primary source has been depleted or removed.
  • Lectrosonics SuperSlot functions, including RF Scan, Frequency Tuning, Pilot Tone Bypass indication, and IR Sync (SRc models), have been improved.
  • Wisycom SuperSlot functions, including saving changes to RX Frequency, RF Group Scan, and Frequency Lock indication, have been improved.
  • Rare occurrence of armed tracks not being recorded after a certain navigation sequence has been resolved.
  • Toggling Rtn switch no longer causes a system lock up when in the X7 - X10 screens.
  • Rare occurrence of high pass filter not being applied after loading a setup file no longer occurs.
  • Rare system lock ups when splitting or stopping recordings no longer occurs.
  • Rare occurrences of trim and fader pots being unresponsive no longer occurs.
  • Timecode offset of up to two frames in file stamp no longer occurs.
  • External Timecode Continuous mode now continues to hold timecode when an external timecode source is removed.
  • Various system performance improvements. 

**Remove all batteries and disconnect DC inputs from both the SL-6 and Scorpio prior to connecting the SL-6 to the Scorpio. Failure to remove power could result in damage to the hardware.

--New from Sound Devices--

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