Video Devices PIX Recorders Firmware Update Now Available

25th Jul 2019

Firmware v2.34 is now available to download for the PIX-270i, PIX-250i, PIX-260 and 970 Recorders.

Highlights include:


  • Support of SMB 2. This cures incompatibility of Samba transfer with some Windows 10 systems.
  • Updated Dante Brooklyn II board to firmware version


  • Longer duration WAV files no longer prematurely stop during playback.
  • ‘Unrecognized File’ error no longer appears after fast forwarding to the end of a mono WAV file.
  • Improved Dante Sync performance.
  • Various performance improvements.

For specifics updates for each model please review the change list on the download pages.

Firmware v2.34 download links:

PIX-270i and 970

PIX-250i and PIX-260