Production expendables are all those little items that you need to make your film or TV production run smoothly. Finding everything you need in one place can be challenging.

We also know, from our experience as professional sound engineers, that some of these special items aren’t necessarily available in the average audio/video equipment store. You don’t want to have to go to the drugstore or grocery store just to pick up some Dr. Scholl’s moleskin padding.

This is why we have curated an assorted collection of common expendables needed to keep your audio and sound equipment working properly while keeping you comfortable.

We offer everything from batteries to bongo ties, as well as headphone softies, console tape, compressed air, and gaffers tape. We also sell Rycote Overcovers to help protect lavalier microphones from wind noise.

Have a suggestion for something to include in our Expendables collection? Contact us and let us know!