Mic Accessories

TAI Audio has a vast selection of professional microphone accessories such as microphone clips and boom stands to support your commercial film or television production. Having a high-quality microphone that captures sound accurately without hiss or interference is critical to a quality audio production.

In order for your microphone or lavalier to do its job, it needs to be supported by reliable mic accessories that are sturdy and won’t fail at critical moments. These accessories include mic stands, shockmounts, and boom mic stands. A flimsy stand can hurt your microphone, which is why we offer a selection of strong but lightweight mic stands.

Our microphone accessories have been manufactured by some of the best audio equipment companies, including DPA, Coles, Dinkum Systems, Hosa, Schoeps, Rycote, Sennheiser, Countryman, LMC Sound, Windtech, Lectrosonics, PSC, Sony, Tram, and our own in-house TAI Audio brand.