Sound Device Announces New Audio Ltd A10 Firmware Update

2nd Apr 2020

Sound Devices announced today a firmware update, v2.90, for the Audio Ltd A10 Digital Wireless System and its companions: the Mic2Wav and A10-TX Remote applications.

Firmware 2.90 features key improvements for both production and post-production. Most notably the companion application Mic2Wav introduces the "Conform to CSV" feature, which converts audio files recorded on an A10-TX to WAV format using a CSV sound report from any Sound Devices mixer-recorder.

The A10-RX receiver now features expanded RF indication: the A10-RX's red LED illuminates and the screen displays 'RF Overload' when the incoming signal is too strong.

The A10-TX transmitter and the A10-Tx Remote companion application are also receiving performance improvements.

Firmware v2.90 Download Pages:

A10-TX & A10-RX


A10-TX Remote