Sound Devices A10-RX v4.00 and 8-Series v8.10 Firmware Notice

20th Jul 2021

Announcing A10-RX v4.00 and 8-Series v8.10 Firmware!

A10-RX v4.00 Updates

  • The A20-Mini transmitter introduces GainForward, a new feature that eliminates the need to adjust microphone preamplifier gain at the wireless transmitter. Audio levels from the transmitter are controlled either directly at the mixer’s trim control or at the wireless receiver.
  • New A10-RX GainForward Input menu. Accessed by pressing the arrow buttons twice from the home screen in the direction of the RX channel receiving A20-Mini signal. This menu provides access to sub-menus to control Gain (0 to 60 dB), Low Cut (Off, 40 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, or 200 Hz), Limiter (On or Off), and access to the A20-Mini Information screen. This menu is hidden and all functions are bypassed when the A10-RX is slotted into the SL-2 or SL-6 connected to the 688, 833, 888, or Scorpio. The Input menu is not accessible when the RX channel is receiving signal from the A10-TX.

8-Series v8.10 Updates

  • Support for A20-Mini GainForward. When the A10-RX receiving an A20-Mini signal is slotted into the SL-2 or SL-6, the A10-RX Input menu settings are bypassed and all gain, low cut, and limiter activity are performed and controlled by the 833, 888, or Scorpio. Input gain (trim) range is 0 to 60 dB for the 8-Series channel receiving signal from the A20-Mini.
  • A10-RX Receiver Setup screens show Limiter, High Pass Filter, and clipping status of the associated 8-Series channel when receiving signal from the A20-Mini.
  • Jam A20-Mini timecode from 8-Series using a standard USB-A to USB-C cable from Menu > Timecode/Sync > Jam A20-Mini.
  • New SuperSlot menu option “Use Transmitter Names” automatically

applies the A10-TX and A20-Mini transmitter names to the associated 8-Series Track Name.

  • Scorpio’s SL-6 Receiver Overview screens updated to a

new layout displaying RF history and audio mute/overload/limit status info for A10-RX receivers.