Sound Devices Releases Firmware v4.00 for 8-Series Mixer/Recorders

30th Apr 2020

8-Series v4.00


CL-16 Linear Fader Controller support on 888 and Scorpio.

Output naming allows you to assign custom names in the LR, X1-X10 Outputs menu. Custom names appear on output meters wherever shown for easy identification.

New Controllers menu option Require Shift for Mute. Set to on to prevent accidental activation of mute from supported controllers. When on, button shortcut for mute is Shift + Mute on 3rd party controllers and Menu + Mute on the CL-16.

New Bus Soloing. Solo a bus to isolate the signal in the headphone monitor. A Bus is solo’d in the headphone monitor while in the Bus screen by default. Headphone monitor source returns to previous selection when the Bus screen is exited. Turn solo on or off while within the Bus screen by toggling the option using the Tone switch. Linked busses will be solo’d with the odd bus in the left ear and the even bus in the right.

Channel Bus Sends now available in Bus screens. Use the Sel knob to navigate through the Bus send routing. When an ISO set to Send (highlighted in light blue) is selected, activate the * toggle then rotate the HP knob to adjust the gain of the iso sent to the bus.

New Custom SD Card names. During the format process of SD1 and SD2, you now have the ability to enter a custom name.

You can find a full list of features and changes at, or call us here at (407) 296-9959 with any questions.