Wireless Accessories

TAI Audio supplies the best in wireless audio accessories from leading sound equipment brands such as Audio Limited, BEC Group, K-Tek, IDX, Anton Bauer, Lectrosonics, Comtek, PSC, RF Venue, Shure, Clear-Com, Dinkum Systems, Professional Wireless, Phonak, Pliant, Sennheiser, and Tempest.

Whether you need rackmounts, belt clips, antennas, RF amplifiers, remote antenna transceivers, or antenna distribution systems, we have a wide selection of wireless accessories.

We also offer mounts, pouches, and bags to help protect your wireless audio investment, as well as power supplies and cables. From in-line power supplies to battery eliminators, we have a variety of technologies to support your wireless audio needs.

TAI Audio also offers free shipping for orders over $75, with excellent customer service by our sound professionals and audio enthusiasts.